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About MHT Insurance

MHT Insurance

History of Success

MHT insurance traces its roots back through several mergers, acquisitions and name changes to Rhodes, Wilton & Barron, founded in 1923 and Vincent D. Miller Agency, founded in 1927. We continue to embrace the same values that underscore our 80+ years of success.

Competence, integrity and a singular focus on you, our client.

What is Your Footprint?

At MHT Insurance we make it easy for all of our employees to embrace sustainable habits. From providing bus passes to all employees and paying for access to zip-car to implementing industry leading technologies for seamless offsite work we constantly strive to mitigate our negative impact on social and environmental systems.

Why Make Money?

To give it away of course! The fat cats on Wall Street may bend the rules to keep their golden parachute pensions and fleece society, but here at MHT Insurance we believe in providing exceptional service and reinvesting the dividends back into society. From 2000 through 2007 36.91% of MHT’s before tax gross profit has gone directly to charitable donations to support a variety of worthy institutions.

MHT Insurance

Our Insurance Companies

Safeco Insurance

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MHT Insurance

Our location

1904 3rd Ave Suite 714
Seattle, Washington 98101
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